We sincerely wish to make a difference…

The Grey Lodge Settlement is a youth and community based charity organisation in the Hilltown area of Dundee. We promote leisure, learning and local action for all ages.

The main focus is to support, encourage, help and motivate all ages from young children to older adults (no age barrier!).


We are responsible for raising our own funding, whether through government grants, trust funds, donations, fundraising and members/users donations for use of premises or resources. Funding (or the lack of it) is an ongoing issue.

Grey Lodge Settlement staff (December 2018)

Grey Lodge Settlement staff (December 2018)


We have paid and unpaid staff, relying to a fair extent on the goodwill of volunteers and local community residents, to maintain all the various groups and services within our 7 days per week programme. These range from Parent & Toddler Groups, Playgroup, After School Children’s Club, Dancing groups, Youth groups (evenings), Adult groups, Older Person activities, Self Defence clubs, Walking groups, Indoor Bowling, Writing group, Open Door Project (daily Minibus trips).. to offering accommodation for meetings, band practice and birthday parties.

Always, support and encouragement is offered, where requested. Our youth, children and adult workers are competent, where advice and information is asked for.


Work with volunteers is a huge part of our regular work and this is treated with the confidentiality it deserves. The development of people is something which is treated with the utmost of importance. We are keen to become involved in all aspects of the local youth and community. If you wish to contact us, then please do so …. by telephone, (01382) 223943 or by E.Mail, to greylodges@aol.com