Youth Health and Well-being Project


Our Youth Health and Well-being Project is comprised of young volunteers and 5 youth groups (maximum capacity 10 participants per group).  Participants are aged between 12 and 25 and there are approximately 60 young people involved.  We work in partnership with local high schools, Dundee and Angus College and CAMHS, Tayside.  We encourage young people to:

  • interact with the community

  • volunteer

  • participate in activities outwith their comfort zones

  • participate in youth exchanges

  • improve/develop life skills

  • seek employment

We support them in overcoming difficulties or challenges they may face whilst simultaneously encouraging them to take on responsibilities which help them mature/grow/develop into successful young adults.

Youth Project Leader: Jen McLean MA

Youth Project Support Workers: Claire Dick, Catherine Arden, Ali Ritchie and Kurt Uchman


Monday Night Youth Group (M.N.Y.G)


T-Night Youth Group


Infinity Youth Group

Moving Forward Youth Group (2).jpg

Moving Forward Youth Group


Geek Pals Youth Group


[Insert Name Here] Youth Group


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